Moorish Arches

Harberton, 2009

The initial inspiration for the Moorish Arches was a trip to Seville for the Festival of the Three Kings. Seeing the beautiful Moorish architecture inspired me to make some collages to experience and interpret for myself the surfaces and depths of the architecture.

These were then supplemented and refined by using material generated from some walks and then studies of the flora in the Devon countryside, mainly pen and ink drawings.

An idea for an exhibition was triggered and I approached a gallery with some studies. The upshot of this meeting was that I covered the entire walls of the gallery in old newspaper; I drew in charcoal on the newspaper covered walls of a gallery for a week, as visitors came and watched as the work unfurled.

The space used in the gallery allowed for the proportions of arches and columns to be created and transferred to more accurate pen and ink works. I also experimented with natural pigments found locally in Devon (Bideford Black for example).

The final stage will be to transfer this on to the walls of our house as home drawn and hand painted wallpaper.


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