Human Detritus

Collage on Board, Totnes 2014

The idea for this piece of work grew from my own slightly obsessional personal nature, with which I have found myself billeted. I have regularly collected and ordered things throughout my life to seek understanding or security or both. Recently, I gathered lost gloves, left and right, I have an “intervention in mind”. For several years have taken digital photos of footprints (be they in mud,cement, paint, blood, fruit), the only rule I applied was that the footprints were not allowed to be my own. I have a sort of personal map where the permanent ones are. In taking the pictures there is to some extent a minor performance,a raised eyebrow, a quizzical smile. I courted a random watched feeling,in exchange for a forensic observation of the daily lives of others. A semi-Faustian bargain? pressure to conform to be consuming and degrading stereotypes, their habits and rituals are examined and fed back to them in an endless loop of consumption. Watched and analysed these characters begin to act the parts their controllers have imposed upon them. Are these people being themselves or acting a part they believe they should play? Media bathed; enslaved to distraction and reinforcement, making a spectacle of themselves that nobody wants to watch, the social media (Facebook, instagram, tumblr etc.)

Debord wrote “behind the masks of total choice different forms of the same alienation confront each other”.


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