Baltic Wharf

Totnes, June 2014

I was inspired by winter walks along the river. The sound of the boats rigging frapping in the wind was both haunting and hypnotic. Seeing yachts and other vessels thrust upon supports, like butterflies pinned to a board. I thought of Golgotha, stormy skies over head giving surreal light to the scene.

An intrigued sadness of viewing the vessels incapacitated whilst under repair. The historic changes that take place at an old wharf are worth keeping for social history as much as visual documentation.

The materials and techniques I use help me understand the subject and make it tactile for me in layers and colours. I re explore the scene as I make each piece. I work on line and texture and tone simultaneously, the final image will only be known when all 54 squares are together for the first time. Chances and flecks of colour combined with a relief technique help express my view.

I would like the viewer to have a feel for boatyard and a wharf, the urge to touch the surfaces and explore the images is important, that is the experience of the work and of the subject

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