Starting the Blog

Starting in November 2018, this blog will be published providing a newsletter for visitors to this website.

The dates for the diary at the moment are focused on two artist prizes.

The first of which is the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2019, this is managed by Oaktree and Tiger who are organisers of the prize and artist agents and consultants. The support and information for artists submitting to this prize is really functional. There is a deadline 25th November 2018 to receive full feedback on the statement, images of artworks and image commentaries.

This is definitely worth submitting for, as feedback from a judging panel is not often available to the artists who enter a prize and do not make it to a short list or a prize.

I am working on a number of self portraits at the moment and was thrilled to see on the Outsidein website that Outsidein will be working with the Ruth Borchard self portrait prize 2019. As an Outsidein artist I was thrilled to see this and have contacted both parties to get an idea of dates.

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