I loved growing up in North London during the 1960s. Camden Town was filled with a creative energy, it was fun and somehow contagious. Sledging on Primrose Hill, rowing on the canal and the Inverness Market still make me smile.

My own wider family had its own fair share of Artists, Bohemianism and had included Suffragettes too; I imagine some of this still permeates in my soul.

Human observation and being a collector of all kinds of things contribute to my work.

For “Detritus” I gathered vast amounts of shopping lists and this lead to a body of work and a subsequent exhibition. It is more than collecting physical items, wandering around a subject to looking at one; it feels like a thousand cameras shooting images for future reference. At times these images are all overlaid or filed away somewhere in my head. Like walking along past railings with a stick or stamping in a puddle I attach great importance to the tactile quality of a subject.

Cultural inputs such as; 1960s London bathed in Camden culture of the time, living and working in Tuscany during the late 1980s and travel of the beaten track in Morocco (High Atlas), Seville, Falkland Islands, Russia, Chile (Atacama Desert and Andes) and much of Europe and the Nordic states, afforded a keen eye for social observation.

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